Any car you like
can be yours!
For only 30-60% of its cost
Any type of motorcycle from a small moped to a luxurious cruiser
For only 35-50% of the cost
Dream home for a part of the cost!
For only 25%
or 40% of its cost
Travel without borders!
Allow yourself more than just travel
Any devices
bargain prices!
tablets and much more with a discount of up to 50%
Pay off your loan or any other debt
For only 36% of the outstanding balance
We double the investment for our residents
Get +100% in 100 days
Dream wedding is a reality for our residents
Celebration at a 50% discount + a $20,000 certificate for the birth of a child
Become even more beautiful for half the price
Expense reimbursement for beauty treatments of up to 50%
Dream renovation for half the price
Expense reimbursement for repairs and home decor items of up to 70%
A program for the protection of property from collection under enforcement proceedings
Protect your property from collection for only 3%

Synergy. Who are we?

We are a global community of successful and happy people. Join us! Together we will achieve our goals at a minimum cost in the shortest time.

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Synergy is a community that brings together people from different countries.

All our residents are active and successful people. We live in style and achieve our goals together. We organize networking events all over the world.

Synergy programs are a new investment format.

Instead of participating in complicated investment processes, our residents directly cover their material needs in the shortest possible time.

Synergy's potential lies in uniting tens of millions of people around the planet.

Synergy is a company whose time came a long time ago. But only now, thanks to modern technologies, it has become available for almost every person on the planet.

Synergy residents always know the date when the company will make a payment or transfer a product under the program.

Waiting periods in our programs start at 45 days. We’re not about endless queues and years of waiting. A fixed time period determines the rate under the program, after which you will receive ownership of the product or cash payment.

Our partner Largo Insurance (capitalization over $400 million) acts as an ESCROW service and guarantees the security of your investment.

For the amount of your targeted contribution for the Synergy program you will receive Largo Coin. If Synergy does not fulfill the conditions of the program, then you just sell Largo Coin on the exchange and get your funds back.

We pay for referrals.

By recommending Synergy programs to your friends and family, you get career advancement opportunities, big bonuses from the company and the opportunity to participate in Synergy programs at a significant discount.

Don't miss the chance to make your dream come true

Our Team

Dmitry Parkin
Dmitry Parkin
Founder of the Synergy Group
- Degree in Law
- Entrepreneur since 2014
- Acting Head of several companies in the field of oil trading and construction
- Professional sportsman: master of sports in judo, sambo

I've had my father's example since childhood. In the late 1980s, he was one of the first cooperators in the late USSR. Years later, I myself became an entrepreneur. Since 2018, as a lawyer and business owner, I have been studying international experience in the field of cooperation. I can say with confidence that the possibilities of cooperation are endless, and we are ready to prove it in practice.

Vasily Egorov
Vasily Egorov
Adviser at Synergy International
Group Limited

- Expert in the field of endowment life insurance
- MLM entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience
- Developer of programs for confirming professional competencies (assessment) for MLM companies
- Expert in Forex trading

"We live in a unique time of opportunities. Those things that seemed impossible yesterday are available even to children today. Technology has made a huge leap forward, but most people continue to live in poor conditions. I am very glad that our team has the chance to implement a tool that will help millions of people around the world".

Our residents

  • Purchase: Kia KIA Sportage
  • Profit: $9,880

With the help of the car program, I was able to fulfill not only my dream, but also that of my mother. Kia Sportage from Synergy is a great gift for parents.

  • Purchase: Range Rover Sport Range Rover Sport
  • Profit: $15,200

I've dreamt of a Range Rover Sport for a very long time, and now, thanks to Synergy, I was able to buy it at a very favorable price. Many thanks to the company for this opportunity!

  • Purchase: Renault Duster Renault Duster
  • Profit: $4,940

When I was a child, my father was a very important person to me, and all my adult life I've wanted to thank him. Synergy gave me this opportunity. I bought a Renault Duster at a big discount and gave it to my father.

  • Purchase: Range Rover Range Rover
  • Profit: $20,535

Synergy Auto is a real breakthrough investment program that saved me $20,535 on my Range Rover.

  • Purchase: BMW BMW X5
  • Profit: $18,500

I bought a BMW X5 at a bargain price through the car program from Synergy. The presentation was held in a festive and pleasant atmosphere. I recommend everyone to take advantage of the fantastic offers from this company.

Our partners

The world's first MLM distribution platform professionally promoting venture capital firms, startups and digital products.
Venture fund, operating since 1994. It has earned respect and recognition from thousands of investors around the world during over 26 years of work.
International insurance platform that uses its own cryptocurrency—LargoCoin—as a security escrow instrument.
Nexus Financial Management Limited is a hedge fund successfully operating since 2010 and trading in 5 segments with the help of professional traders, analysts and managers.
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This program will be available on 07/12/2020