About Synergy

The idea to create a company came to me as a child, as I saw the example of my father, who, during the late USSR, managed to make good money legally at that difficult time thanks to the ideas of cooperation. Then, as an adult, I travelled to Scandinavian countries and was surprised by how people live there since the ideas of cooperation in these countries are established at the legislative level.

Dmitry Parkin Dmitry Parkin

Founder of the Synergy Group

My business success is also due to the ideas of cooperation. Thanks to them, I multiplied profits and reduced costs, taking my companies to the leading positions in their segment in just a few years. My team and I have started the implementation of an idea for which we share a common vision, namely the creation of a global company using the principles of cooperation for the benefit of all humankind.

We have processed a vast number of different options and presented a unique type of investment - a target investment product – as well as advantageous programs to purchase cars and real estate in installments at 0% per annum. We have segmented human needs and presented Synergy programs to close each of them. You can buy a dream car, a dream house, host a dream wedding, travel, pay off a debt and much more with the help of our company, saving up to 70%. For example, buying a car worth $50,000 for only $18,000. And why not? Buying an apartment worth $100,000 for only $45,000 is not a fantasy – it’s a reality for Synergy residents. We also offer programs to purchase cars and real estate in installments on very favorable terms.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your dream come true

Mission, philosophy and idea

I firmly believe that bringing together millions of people from different countries will surpass the potential of many individual states.

Our mission

Connecting people around the world to fulfill their needs.

Our goal

Fulfilling the needs and desires of our shareholders.

100 000 000 people around the world

Synergy's global goal is to unite 100 million people around the world in the next 10 years and create a transnational cooperative movement.

The idea of ​​cooperation is not just to unite people, but to help our clients achieve their goals. Each participant of Synergy programs comes here to solve a financial or property problem, and people who are in Synergy help them solve these problems. The Synergy management redistributes resources of people, helping each of them to get what they want. To achieve the global financial goals of Synergy, we enter into partnerships only with proven and reliable companies, the list of which is regularly updated, adjusting to the growth of the Synergy community.

Synergy does not divide participants by political or religious affiliation, each participant joins the association in order to cover their material or property needs, focusing on helping other company participants.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your dream come true
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