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Synergy Group - a global community where everyone's dreams come true!


Synergy Group - a quick tool
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Synergy Group - global community
of free people from all over the world!


Synergy Group - global community
of successful people from all over the world!
About us
We know what people all over the world need!

To implement the mission of the community we took a number of the basic needs of a contemporary person and developed a set of social programs that would help people meet their needs in a short period of time.

Using our programs Residents can fulfill their tangible dreams for a small fraction of their market value. The benefits of acquiring a program product can be up to 70% of its real value and the time iit takes to fulfill a dream takes from 60 days.

Read the information on this page and you will be surprised about the opportunities you have never noticed before.
Cooperation is one of the oldest forms of relationship between people in the history of mankind. Each country has a corresponding legal entity form.
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VS Commerce.

Small company
Small enterprise: sole proprietor, private entrepreneur, entrepreneur without a legal entity
  • Owner:one person
  • Decision-maker:one person
  • Beneficiary:one person
  • Taxes:medium and high
  • Development potential:low and medium
  • Geography:city
  • Employees:dependent or powerless
Main goal: owner’s profit
Big company
Large enterprise: LLC, OJSC, PJSC, CJSC
  • Owner:group of persons
  • Decision-makers:shareholders
  • Beneficiary :shareholders and management
  • Taxes:high or very high
  • Development Potential:medium or high
  • Geography:country
  • Employees:dependent or powerless
The main goal: shareholders’ profit
Cooperation - has a number of undeniable advantages compared to any other form of organization
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List of our programs.
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Legal benefits
of cooperation.

Your country: Russian Federation

Type of company: Consumer Cooperation

have special taxation
May be completely absent:
-Income tax
-Property tax
have the right to work without licenses
A cooperative may engage in:
It is forbidden for state bodies to interfere with the activities of the cooperative.
The cooperative is protected from interference and arbitrariness of:
The property of the Cooperative cannot be confiscated
Residents' property is protected from:
-Debt collectors
The cooperative can engage in any business.
No restrictions on activities:
-Trading on the stock exchange
Cooperatives are a special form of business
belongs to all Residents
Each Resident has:
-Right to vote
-Equal privileges
-Ability to assign
-Profit share
has infinite possibilities
The community has no restrictions:
The world has changed forever after
It’s time to use innovative approaches:
According to statistics, more than 1,000,000,000 people in the world state that they have at least one unmet tangible need
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Make your dreams

cometrue with us!

Social cooperation programs allow you to realize your dreams in the fastest manner and with greatest benefit
Synergy is a tool for fulfilling your wishes quickly.
Synergy Group begins the first stage of its development in the form of a closed VIP club.

Before the global development of our
community we need to do a
great job of creating an international
legal base, building business processes,
developing the skills of employees and building an international
network of branches and representative offices in many countries.

The right to be the first to receive Resident statuses is granted to strategic partners of our community:
partners of the platform Antares platform

What are Quotas?

Quotas are a tool for regulating the financial potential of a community.
Our investment department conducts thorough analytics
and rigorous financial strategic planning.

The Resident will be able to join the programs
only if a quota is allocated to raise funds
for a specific existing investment project within the community.

Go to Antares website:
Commerce makes millionaires richer and the poor even poorer Cooperation creates a strong, wealthy middle class
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Types of programs and a roadmap for their launch
Dream car
Program available
6 of May 2020
Electronics of your dream
Start of the program
Property protection
Start of the program
Holiday of your dream
Start of the program
Program available
Start of the program
Dream house
Start of the program
Venture investment
Start of the program
Interior of your dream
Start of the program
Freedom from loans
Start of the program
Financial freedom
Start of the program
Shopping of your dream
Start of the program
Business assistance
Start of the program
My beauty
Start of the program
The capabilities of large corporations are not available to an ordinary person, however, the potential of cooperation of millions of people will exceed the capabilities of many countries.
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Why does our idea
have global potential?

Your country: Russian Federation

Type of company: Consumer Cooperation

Consider the advantages of our cooperative:
Ordinary cooperatives:
In order to receive payments in an ordinary cooperative, it is necessary to invite other people to make their contribution, so that the participant can move forward in the queue. Shareholders are forced to invite friends and relatives, constantly receiving rejections. All people remain in the eternal line.
At Synergy Group, resident status is a privilege. There is no referral program. Our community works in the format of a closed VIP club and to enter the program you need to get a quota. The resident knows in advance the date when he will receive the payment and for this you do not need to invite anyone. Synergy provides payouts to the Investment Department, not new people
Cooperation tools are often used by very rich people, Although cooperation was created initially for the benefit of the ordinary people
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As the community develops,
we will add key investment areas:

Start direction: 2020
Currency market
FOREX trading conservative strategies
Start direction: 2020
Risk-free strategy own OTC site
Start direction: 2020
Currency market
FOREX trading conservative strategies
Start direction: 2020
Car pawnshop
Loans with vehicle pledge
Start direction: 2020
Loans secured by property
Start direction: 2020
Business consulting
Increasing efficiency of the existing business
Start direction: 2020
Bankruptcy bidding
Purchase of bankrupt legal entities property
Start direction: 2020
Bankruptcy bidding
Purchase of bankrupt individuals property
Start direction: 2020
Oil trading
Wholesale and retail oil product supplies
Start direction: 2020
Tax optimization
Unique solutions for Optimizing VAT for wholesale
Start direction: 2020
Environmental projects
Our own developments of landfill reclamation
Start direction: 2020
We provide tools for cross-border operations
The cooperative does not offer its residents participation in investment projects. The only product of the cooperation is the social programs of the cooperative. Entering our program, the Resident meets his need and gets guarantees for the safety of the earmarked contribution.

We have already started!

10 steps that we are implementing in 2020:
Step 10
Launch of bill
December 2020
Step 1
Registration of
parent organization
4 of March 2020
Step 2
Strategic Partnership
Agreement with Largo Insurance
24 of April 2020
Step 3
Strategic Partnership Agreement with Antares
4 of May 2020
Step 4
Private pre-launch
for Antares partners
5 of may 2020
Step 5
Launch of Synergy
Auto programs
6 of May 2020
Step 6
First briefing
with Residents
15 of May 2020
Step 7
Launch of Synergy
Device program
July 2020
Step 8
Adapt the legal
framework for the CIS
July 2020
Step 9
Community Franchise
November 2020
The capabilities of large corporations are not available to a common man But the potential of cooperation of millions of people will exceed the capabilities of many countries.
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Business management.

To implement social programs for residents, the cooperative carries out business activities and investment operations, which do not contradict the Federal Law and allow to maintain the benefits and opportunities of the status of the Consumer Cooperative.
The responsibility for the economic activities of the cooperative is carried out by the following bodies:
Investment Department:
Responsible unit of the cooperative.


- quota allocation

- formation of a long-term strategy

- monitoring of each direction

- search for new directions

- general risk management

- ensuring uninterrupted payments according to needs

- work with receivables

- diversification strategies within directions

- balances of collateral for residents

- functioning of the Cooperative Insurance Fund

- submission of reports to the Council and Residents

Revision Commission:
The controlling unit of the cooperative.


- control of cooperative balances

- control of reporting investment areas

- control of financial statements

- control over the work of branches and representative offices

- control of the functions of responsible Residents

- inventory of cooperative property

- control of property on the balance sheet

- approval of major transactions

- record of new Residents registration

- accounting for issued collateral

- control of correspondence of posts and salaries

The programs of the cooperative are based on a clear mathematical model, which allows for the long-term fulfillment of all declared obligations for social programs.
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Our team.

Dmitry Parkin

CEO, Synergy International Group Limited [email protected]

- Experienced entrepreneur
- Higher education
- Lawyer
- Father and family man
- Sportsman

I had an example from my father since I was a kid. In the late 1980s, he was one of the first cooperators in the late USSR. Years later he became an entrepreneur. Since 2018 I have been studying international experience in the field of cooperation as a lawyer and entrepreneur. Now I can confidently say that the possibilities of cooperation are endless and we are ready to prove it.
Vasily Yegorov

Adviser, Synergy International Group Limited

- top manager
- mastermind cooperator
- MBA graduate
- new technologies specialist
- trader-analyst

We live in the time of unique possibilities. Things that seemed impossible to us yesterday, are possible today even for children. We have made our greatest leap in technology but most people still live in very poor conditions. I’m happy to announce that our team is going to implement the tool that will help people around the world.

Our Partners.

The first platform in the world of MLM distribution, professionally engaged in the promotion of venture companies, startups and digital products.
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A venture Fund that has been operating since 1994 and beyond more than 26 years of work deserved respect and recognition from thousands of investors for all over the world.
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LARGO Insurance
International insurance platform, using its own cryptocurrency Largo Coin as a security tool insurance Deposit.
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Risk Information.

The cooperative warns each Resident about the possible risks: Any investment activity involves risks. The cooperative does not use high-risk tools, due to the risk management system, diversification and the audit and control system, the risks are minimized.

To ensure the safety of the funds deposited, the Cooperative has developed and implemented the insurance and guarantee instruments for each Resident.

Personal contract
Each Resident concludes a personal agreement on participation in the Earmarked Program.
The agreement spells out all the conditions for participation and the terms for
receiving the product of the program. If the Cooperative does not fulfill the conditions, the Resident
will receive a refund of the Earmarked fee and an additional 5% compensation for the use of funds.
Individual collateral: Crypto asset
It is possible to get personal guarantees.
Collateral in the form of a digital asset. This insurance is carried out by a third party -
an insurance company providing escrow service. A resident receives a liquid crypto asset to
his personal blockchain wallet. At any time, it can be converted instantly to BTC or USDT,
thereby returning the amount of the earmarked contribution to the program. The contract in this case will be terminated.
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