Company guarantees

1. Official registration of the parent company
The Synergy Group of Companies began operations on May 4, 2020, making its programs available for its residents. The parent company is Synergy International Group Limited, registered in New Zealand on March 4, 2020. The second largest company is SYNERGY TRADING GROUP. It is a subsidiary registered in Australia on March 3, 2020, engaged in trust management through trading in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Legal (postal) address of Synergy International Group Limited:
Level 24, 1 Willis Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011, NZ

Subsidiary of Synergy Trading Group
25 Asquith Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Legal (postal) address of Synergy International Group Limited:
Level 24, 1 Willis Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011, NZ

Subsidiary of Synergy Trading Group
25 Asquith Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

2. Individual agreement
An individual agreement of participation in the target program is concluded with each resident.
The agreement contains all the conditions for participation and the terms for receiving the program product. In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions by the cooperative, the resident receives a refund of the targeted contribution and an additional 5% compensation for the use of funds.

3. Insurance with Largo Insurance
Each resident who enters any of the Synergy programs and pays a contribution receives a liquid crypto asset to a personal blockchain wallet in Largo Coin cryptocurrency for an amount equivalent to the Synergy contribution. The resident holds the collateral crypto asset for the entire duration of the program. At any time, it can be sold on any of the exchanges, thereby returning the target contribution for the program. However, if the Largo Coin crypto asset is sold before the end of the Synergy program, the participation agreement will be terminated.

To minimize risks, we have chosen the strongest financial instrument on the market—the world's first blockchain platform for international insurance Largo Insurance—which has been operating since 2019.

It provides 100% protection of your investment while you are waiting for the fulfillment of obligations. The insurance procedure is mandatory and is carried out on the basis of the partnership agreement between Largo Coin Limited, Synergy International Group Limited and the client. This form of a tripartite agreement allows us to minimize the risks of non-refund of funds transferred to participate in Synergy programs.

At the moment, the capitalization of Largo Coin is more than $400 million, and its daily trading volume amounts to millions of dollars. Largo Insurance is the first platform in the world that uses its own cryptocurrency—Largo Coin—as a security instrument for transactions. The Largo Coin coins credited to the client are stored in his personal wallet for the whole term of the program and can be sold on the exchanges Largo Coin is traded on. Thus, you can get back the funds invested in Synergy. The client receives an insurance asset and is 100% protected while waiting for the fulfillment of obligations under the program.

On May 22, Largo's Advisor, Azam Shaghaghi, answered Frequently Asked Questions about Largo Insurance. You can watch the recording of this press conference below.

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Insurance Procedure

1) When concluding a deal and making a targeted contribution for the Synergy program, the client receives the Largo Coin cryptocurrency in the amount equivalent to the amount of the targeted contribution made under this program. The funds remain in the client's property until the fulfillment of obligations under the Synergy program.*

*Largo Coin is a full-fledged stablecoin and its fixed price is $10, with a slight fluctuation during a calendar day, equal to $1. The backing of Largo Coin by fiat funds is confirmed by a financial audit report (dated April 15, 2020) issued by Ballechain HK Audit Limited. Largo Coin is also backed by insurance contracts, as insurance in Largo Insurance is a paid service. HotBit, Coineal, BTC-Alpha

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