What is a plan? What does this choice affect?
A plan defines the conditions for participation in the program. It sets the target contribution and the waiting period for the program. The longer the waiting period, the more cost-effective the program is. There can be different plans for different programs. For example, the following plans are available for Synergy Auto: 60% / 60 days, 45% / 99 days, 30% / 149 days.
What is a quota? How can I get it?
A quota is an instrument of the company's financial regulation. The company's investment department gives access to programs according to the financial plan and provides new quotas, which are updated on Mondays. They can be issued individually if approved by the management.
Who is the CEO or owner of the company?
Robert Tyler is the CEO of NZ Synergy International Group Limited. He is also the current chairman of the Synergy International Consumer Cooperative, registered in the Russian Federation.
Where is the office of Synergy International Group Limited, NZ?
The legal address of the head organization is in the capital of New Zealand, in downtown Wellington, at Level 24, 1 Willis Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011, NZ.
Why was the cooperation model chosen as the basis for Synergy?
Consumer cooperation has been developing around the world for over 100 years, and today there are enough laws and other regulations to consider cooperatives reliable and secure. Countries that use the cooperation model in their economies are leaders in terms of living standards. We believe that this model is the best option for fulfilling the needs and aspirations of our residents.
What Synergy programs will be introduced in the near future?
The order and launch of programs depend on the demand. By the end of 2021, we plan to launch 9 more programs. You can find more details on the launch dates in the Development plans section.
In what other countries does the company operate? I live in another country, can I participate in Synergy programs?
You can become a member of Synergy programs from anywhere in the world. The company operates where there are Internet access and people who have dreams, goals, and most importantly, the desire to achieve them.
What is included in the package of documents? What contracts will be concluded when registering the program?
2 contracts are concluded with the program participant:
  1. Target Participation Agreement.
  2. Insurance contract.
Does the company have licenses?
The cooperation model does not imply any licenses. The cooperative has the right to engage in any economic activity if it corresponds to its goals and objectives. If the legislation implies licensing for certain types of activities, the cooperative will contact the appropriate authorities to obtain the required license.
How are Synergy programs so profitable?
The cooperative conducts economic activities to fulfill its goals at its discretion. Currently, our main financial partners are the Catalyst venture fund and the Nexus traditional hedge fund. The funds of the cooperative are transferred into trust and grown sufficiently for the implementation of target programs. The list of our partners is constantly expanding.
What is the total cost of the program and what does it consist of?
The total cost of the program consists of 4 payments:
  1. Target contribution (down payment): payment for the program product, based on the selected plan.
  2. Insurance premium: payment for Largo Insurance's collateral, 1% of the total cost for every 30 days of the program.
  3. Program activation fee: payment for participation in the program, 1% of the total cost.
  4. Cancellation fee for marketing assistance is paid additionally—20% of the cost of the program product.
Who will become the rightful owner of the car (apartment, etc.)?
After the end of the waiting period for the program, the selection and registration of the program product (car, real estate, etc.) begins. The program product becomes the property of the resident without any restrictions.
Can I participate in the same program several times?
At the initial stages of the development of the cooperative, there will be restrictions on repeated participation in the same program. This is necessary so that as many residents as possible can take advantage of these opportunities.
Can relatives participate in the program?
Yes, this is not against company policy.
Which currency is used for purchasing goods and services under Synergy programs?
Payments for the program are calculated in USD. However, payment options are discussed individually with your personal manager.
How are the goods or services selected according to the parameters set by the candidate under the Synergy programs?
The parameters are set initially at the conclusion of the contract. The cost of goods and services should not be less than the payment under the program by more than 20%. For example, if you received 50,000 USD for a car, then you cannot buy a car for 10,000 USD.
At what stage should the candidate specify the criteria for the desired car?
When submitting an application in your personal account. 10 days before the end of the program, your manager will contact you and ask you to start selecting a car.
How long will I have to wait to receive a product or service?
The waiting period depends on the plan you choose. For example, in Synergy Auto there are 60, 99 or 149-day options, under Synergy Moto you'll have to wait 80 or 135 days, 120 or 180 days under Synergy Home, and in Synergy Wedding the waiting period lasts 90 days.
Which car category will be available under the car program?
Used cars or new from the car dealership?
Synergy Auto provides for the purchase of both new and second-hand cars.
Is it possible to increase or decrease the sum of money under the program while waiting for the car?
After registration of the agreement for participation in the target program, the sum and other terms of the agreement cannot be changed.
What is Marketing Assistance? What are its terms?
Marketing Assistance is a set of activities aimed at popularizing the cooperative and increasing its recognition. With it, you can save 20% of the price of a product or service. Marketing Assistance conditions are individual for each program and are published in the Program Calculator section on the main page of the Synergy website.
What happens if I violate the terms of Marketing Assistance or refuse to participate?
In case of refusal to participate in the marketing assistance program or violation of its terms, the cost of the program (product or service) will be increased by 20% or a fine of an equivalent amount will be charged to your internal account.
What guarantees does the company give that I will not lose my money?
We managed to find a unique and effective solution that fully protects our residents from risks. Synergy entered into an agreement with Largo Insurance, an innovative insurance company with a capitalization of more than $450 million. It is also an international insurance platform that applies blockchain technology for issuing personal security collateral. Their security currency is called Largo Coin. Each resident receives liquid collateral for the period of participation in the program, which allows you to return your money at any time, however, in this case, the Synergy program will be canceled.
How can I register for Synergy programs?
At the moment, there are two registration options:

1. Through the Antares platform. You need to find a person who is an active Antares partner and ask him/her to register you on the platform or fill out the form yourself. Next, complete a certain qualification and only after that will you be able to participate in the Synergy programs.
2. Through Synergy Agents. You need to find a person who is a Synergy Agent and will register you in the system. After that, you will be eligible to participate in Synergy programs.

For more information on each option, see the Registration section on the Synergy website.
What is Largo Insurance's insurance scheme? And how much does the insurance cost?
The insurance procedure in Largo Insurance is connected with Largo Coin. The insurance premium is calculated according to the following formula: 1% of the market value of the program product for every 30 days of the waiting period. Accordingly, the insurance premium will be 2% for the 60–day program; 3,3% for the 99–day program and 5% for the 149–day program. For example, your program lasts 99 days, the cost of the car is $20,000, which means that 3.3% of the cost will be $660. For these $660 you will receive Largo Coin cryptocurrency equivalent to your target contribution. You register a wallet in the Largo Coin system and receive 900 coins for it. The exchange rate of one coin is on average $10, which means that you have at your disposal a capital of $9,000. You have the right to sell these coins on one of the 3 exchanges that Largo Coin is traded on. The daily trading volume of Largo Coin on all exchanges ranges from $1 to $3 million per day, which means that you can very easily sell these coins if necessary. In this case, your contract will be automatically canceled as you used the collateral and returned your program fee. If you have waited until the end of the waiting period, you must return the collateral in the form of Largo Coin before receiving the car. Without refunding the deposit, Synergy will not proceed to the registration of the car. Technically, Largo Insurance leases you coins for 99 days, making $660, which is the income of the Largo platform.
Where can I get answers to my questions about Largo Coin?
You can send your questions to our technical support on the website. And also watch the recording of the press conference with the Adviser of Largo Insurance Azam Shaghaghi on the Synergy YouTube channel. She answered all the burning questions regarding insurance and Largo Coin.
Why does Synergy cooperate with Largo Insurance?
Largo Insurance offers the perfect solution for the issue of trust between residents and Synergy using blockchain technology. It allows you to insure instantly by transferring a liquid asset as collateral around the world. All parties have benefited from this partnership:

– Our residents don't worry about the safety of their investments;
– Synergy provides social programs with 100% guarantees;
– Largo Insurance earns on insurance premiums.
Why does Largo Coin cost $10 lately, and is always at this level?
What is the guarantee that the Largo Coin rate will not drop to zero?
Largo Coin is a stablecoin, and its price depends very little on market factors of supply and demand. The value of Largo Coin is backed by a bank deposit of more than $300 million, as confirmed by an independent audit. Also, Largo Coin has reached the rating of the TOP-25 world crypto coins in a short time. The daily trading volume is estimated at millions of dollars, trading takes place on 3 world exchanges, and the capitalization of the coin exceeds $300 million.
What are Escrow and Arbitrator?
Escrow is a service for providing guarantees for the fulfillment of obligations under the agreement. Largo Insurance acts as a third party in the agreement between the resident and Synergy. Largo provides collateral for the entire amount of the targeted contribution under the program until Synergy fulfills the terms of the agreement. Largo Insurance also acts as an arbitrator in resolving disputes between the resident and the company.
What should I do if I lost access to the wallet where the collateral was kept, or I lost my Largo Coin, or they were stolen from me?
Access to the wallet can be restored using the e-mail with which the wallet was registered. The resident is responsible for the safe storage of passwords and access to the wallet. No one has access to coins except them.

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