Model of Legal Interaction Between Synergy Companies

Target Agreement

To work with clients (Synergy residents), a Target Participation Agreement has been developed. It is concluded between the resident and Synergy International Group Limited, on whose behalf the document is signed by the head of the company Robert Tyler, or his authorized deputies. The Target Participation Agreement is a type of a purchase/sale agreement and does not require special permits, registrations or licenses. The contract provides for a deferral for the delivery of goods or services for a certain number of days (program period), and this allows Synergy to legally use the funds received from the resident and increase them, using various financial instruments.

How it works:

When closing a deal and making a target contribution for participation in the program, the client installs the Largo Coin cryptocurrency wallet, registers in it, specifying his email address and confirming it; then the Largo Coin cryptocurrency is credited to this wallet in an amount equal to the target contribution. For the entire duration of the program, the Largo Coin credited are stored in the client's personal wallet and can be used for sale on the exchanges where Largo Coin is traded. Thus the client can refund the invested funds in Synergy at any time. That is, the client receives an insurance asset and is 100% protected while waiting for the fulfillment of obligations under the program.

Largo Coin is a full-fledged stablecoin with a constant value of $10 and slight fluctuations during a calendar day, equal to $1. Largo Coin is backed by fiat funds, which is confirmed by a financial audit report (dated April 15, 2020) provided by Ballechain HK Audit Limited. Largo Coin is also collateralized by insurance contracts since insurance in Largo Insurance is a paid service and the client pays money for it. Insurance in Largo Insurance is a mandatory procedure for Synergy residents, and the premium varies in the amount of several percent of the final the cost of a service or product purchased under the Synergy program and depends on the term and conditions of the program itself.

The insurance procedure is carried out on the basis of a partnership agreement between companies, and the client (resident) has the opportunity to receive these guarantees by agreeing to the terms of the guarantee agreement. This form of a tripartite agreement minimizes the risks of non-return of funds transferred for participation in Synergy programs.

Funds in the form of Largo Coin cryptocurrency transferred under the concluded insurance agreement with Largo Insurance and stored in the client's personal electronic wallet remain the client's property until the fulfillment of obligations under the Synergy program. The client is not entitled to withdraw the collateral from the wallet for more than 12 hours, otherwise, it is considered that he has used the terms of the guarantee and under the terms of the guarantee agreement, the contract for participation in the target program will be terminated unilaterally. If the client, under any circumstance, needs to take advantage of the guarantee, his funds are always under control. Largo Coin can be converted, at the investor's discretion, into any convenient currency with the help of exchanges. This is how this unique guarantee tool works. The continuity of the process and monitoring of compliance with the conditions is ensured by a developed automated system that checks the availability of funds in the personal wallets of clients every hour.

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